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New Mexico drug rehabilitation

26 Oct 3 Things to do After Drug Rehab

New Mexico drug rehab: Leaving drug rehab in New Mexico doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on your own again. You’ll still receive support and encouragement from counselors, and you might have friends and family waiting for you on the other side.Even so, there are things you...

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stages of recovery

28 Sep What are the Stages of Recovery?

What are the Stages of Recovery?For many people, recovery follows a fairly recognizable path. While everyone’s personal journey along this road is different, there are certain “stages” that every recovering addict goes through.Recovery is not always linear, and some stages might last longer than...

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chemical dependency

17 Aug Understanding Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency is a complex issue that goes beyond the connotations of addiction. People who suffer from a chemical dependency usually have reasons for turning to the drug for relief, whether it’s chronic pain, anxiety, or mental illness.For this reason, treating addicted people with disdain...

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Prescription Drug Pill Addiction Blog

22 Jun Have A Pill Addiction?

Do You Have A Pill Addiction?According to 2017 statistics, New Mexico is suffering from a high rate of opioid addiction. Overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999, and rehab centers in New Mexico are bursting at the seams trying to keep up with patient needs....

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