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04 Oct Have A Pill Addiction?

Do You Have A Prescription Pill Addiction?

According to 2017 statistics, New Mexico is suffering from a high rate of opioid addiction. Overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999, and rehab centers in New Mexico are bursting at the seams trying to keep up with patient needs. However, opioids aren’t just found in heroin and other illegal drugs; they can also be found in your prescription medications. Because of this, it is necessary to spot addiction before it’s too late.

While drug dependence can seem obvious from an outside perspective, it’s not always that easy to identify. It can be difficult to spot a growing addiction, especially in yourself. If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, here are five signs that It’s time to get help from a prescription pill based rehab program.

  1. You think about taking medication often. While physical dependence is one thing, emotional dependence is another. After painful dental surgery, you may look forward to your next dose. However, emotional dependence is when you begin craving medication for no discernible reason. You may feel bored, irritable, or restless without your medication.
  2. When emotionally distressed, medication is the solution. Self-medication is one of the most common causes of pill addiction. People with addictions may try to solve their mental health issues, stress, or anxiety with prescription drugs, and end up addicted to their effects. If you find yourself craving medication while emotionally overwhelmed, it may be a sign that you’re dependent on them.
  3. You take more than prescribed. After a long period of taking certain medications, upping the dosage may be necessary. However, you should always do this with the explicit approval of your doctor. If you find yourself needlessly raising the dosage of your painkiller prescription, it may be a sign of addiction. You may take more of your medication than necessary, or take it more frequently than prescribed.
  4. Medication is a touchy topic. When people bring up your medication schedule, criticize how you take these drugs, or imply that you might be addicted, you get upset. You may not feel like yourself, and you may lash out at others for worrying about you. This defensive behavior is another sign of addiction.
  5. You’ve thought about getting medication from other sources. Whether this involves hopping doctors, shopping online, or taking someone else’s prescription drugs, seeking out medication is a sign of pill addiction. This aspect of addiction can become dangerous for all parties involved, so it’s important to get help before reaching this point.

Addiction is a serious issue, but it’s also a delicate one and needs to be handled carefully. If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, reach out and ask for help. Family members, friends, and counselors can offer emotional support, and rehabilitation centers can provide a safe, controlled environment for recovery.

Because the nature of addiction is a chronic one even after you’ve recovered, it’s important to stay clean and prevent relapse. Drug rehabs in Rio Rancho have specialized facilities and providers that can help patients resist temptation, even when they’re surrounded by prescription drugs and other addictive substances.

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