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Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

27 Sep Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You’ve decided that it is time to make a change and ask for help. You are spending all of your money on pills, your wife says she won’t put up with your drinking anymore, or you got in trouble with the cops. There are a million reasons to get help for drug and alcohol addiction but there are a few things that keep people from entering a drug and alcohol treatment facility. One of the top reasons that people in need of help delay treatment is the distance from their home. Many people are afraid they won’t be able to see their children or their spouses and if what they need isn’t close, they often believe that they are doing better for their family by staying close.

Fortunately, for people living in Albuquerque, and surrounding areas, we offer a community-based treatment center in Rio Rancho that can help you. Located just off of Southern, ViewPoint has the comfort of home with the medical and recovery experience to help you safely detox and to build a lifestyle that can support long-term recovery. ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center (VRC) offers family and friend visits on Sundays for anyone over the age of 18 and creates fun visiting events for ALL AGES during holidays. While you are a patient in this beautiful facility, you can call your family at regular intervals.

ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center accepts many different types of insurance and also offers payment plans available to help you on your path to recovery.

Don’t delay. Your family will thank you.

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Today!

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