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Chelsie McGuire works tirelessly to help people make good on the bravery it takes to admit they have a problem. Known for her dedication, attentiveness, and about all empathy, McGuire’s own rough upbringing has given her a unique insight into the difficulties faced by others, specifically those looking to overcome addiction – an aid sorely needed in Albuquerque at large. Though the mother of three was working as a paralegal at the time she established ViewPoint, the importance of the center’s cause, coupled with her never-say-die spirit, has seen the center grow in leaps and bounds. ViewPoint can now claim a staff of 20 and has established itself as a key resource in helping addicts regain control of their lives.

Far from the sterile, hospital-like setting commonly evoked by the common image of a ‘rehab clinic’ ViewPoint opts for a different approach. Smaller, comfortable, and home-like, the center seeks to help patients in as stable and enriching an environment as possible. Treatment plans are well rounded and supplemented with activities like yoga, art therapies, routine-building chores, and planned outings. ViewPoint also has several members of staff who themselves are recovered addicts – no one is better equipped to empathize with and support those going through breaking with an addiction like those who have had to go through the same. This is deliberate McGuire envisioned ViewPoint as an environment of belonging and understanding care – the things most necessary for giving recovering addicts the tools they need to walk the road back to control. Now, with this growing, expert staff and field-proved model, ViewPoint is better equipped than ever to help patients from across Albuquerque and beyond. The center offers a wide range of services, which include Inpatient Detox, RTC (residential treatment), PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient) for alcohol and all substance abuse issues. Knowing that recovery is a day-to-day struggle, the center designs individualized rehabilitation plans for each patient, working cooperatively with them to help them conquer addiction.

Though she has seen ViewPoint grow from a dream into a fully realized center, the job is never over for Chelsie McGuire, who continues to inspire her staff and patients alike with her timeless resolve. When not overseeing operation at the center, McGuire makes a point of keeping in touch with all of ViewPoint’s patients – inpatient or otherwise. From checking in with former patients who have since undertaken their own recovery journey to supporting those who are just taking their first steps, McGuire is a true super woman, lending help however she can to anyone who needs it. From the patients she helps to the staff she leads; anyone can tell you – Albuquerque is lucky to have someone like Chelsie McGuire making a difference.

When not engaged in work at the center, McGuire also volunteers her time extensively – she travels to Mexico several times a year to volunteer with her husband and children at an orphanage, supporting and teaching the children there. Additionally, she volunteers at the Albuquerque Academy, where her children attend and is deeply involved in an APS project to help teach kids about proper nutrition.

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