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Signs of a Drug Addiction

signs of drug addiction

10 May Signs of a Drug Addiction

Signs of a Drug Addiction

There is an epidemic of drug abuse and addiction in the United States. Whether you or someone you love is dependent on prescription pills or street drugs, there are some clear-cut signs it may be time to seek help. If some of the following scenarios ring true, there are plenty of rehab centers for drugs that can provide you with assistance it combating the drug addiction.

Ten Common Indications of a Problem

  1. You no longer need a prescription to help with a health situation, but you continue to take it because you enjoy, or rely upon the effects.
  2. Asking friends and family “to borrow” certain types of narcotics/prescriptions once you’ve run out of your own supply.
  3. Your tolerance level has increased over time – what once took only a pill or two create an effect, now takes much more to notice.
  4. Maybe you lie to your doctor about your pain or symptoms in hopes of obtaining more of the prescription drug you’ve become dependent on.
  5. Start to notice side effects such as depression, shakiness, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness or other consequences once the drug wears off or when you when don’t get another dose into your system quickly enough.
  6. You continue using the drug even when you’ve tried to quit time after time. You no longer have control of your impulse to use.
  7. Social activities, work, family and friends take a back-burner to get high and in many cases, the drug use is beginning to negatively impact your life.
  8. You’ve begun pawning or selling cherished belongings, including watches, jewelry, instruments, baseball cards or other mementos to obtain the money needed for drugs.
  9. You find yourself driving, operating heavy machinery or performing other unsafe tasks while high or under the influence of your drug use.
  10. Your appearance is changing – your eyes are bloodshot, you’ve lost (or gained) a significant amount of weight, you’re shaky, and possibly sleeping too much or not enough, which is affecting your physical and mental health.

Next Steps

If the signs of a drug addiction listed above resonated with you, or seem to fit the situation of someone you love, it’s time to seek out the help of a local rehab center. It’s worth noting that sometimes alcohol can be a person’s drug of choice, while others prefer street drugs or become addicted to abusing prescription drugs. Regardless of the circumstances, there is an Albuquerque alcohol rehab or a variety of facilities for drug rehab in New Mexico.

Drug and alcohol abuse is extremely difficult to fight alone. It takes trained professionals to provide the type of care and treatment necessary to kick an addiction for good. A quick search of a “rehab center near me” may be the best decision you can make for yourself or for someone you love. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation do not hesitate to reach out to us today at (877) 723-1243.

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