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 Stages of Alcoholism

stages of alcoholism

12 Apr  Stages of Alcoholism

Stages of Alcoholism 

The phrase alcoholic and alcoholism are thrown around loosely every day. This may be due to the fact that in the United States, approximately 7.2 percent of American adults are diagnosed with alcohol use disorder. There are also many adolescents dealing with the struggle of addiction, to the tune of nearly 855,000 youth per year between the ages of 12-17. To clarify the terms and better pinpoint the definition of alcoholism, experts have distinguished three different stages of the disease: early, chronic and end stage.

Alcohol Addiction Detox Center

For anyone considering entering an alcohol addiction detox center, there are a few signs to look for in helping to diagnose a problem. In fact, there are 11 common symptoms found in those dealing with alcoholism and even experiencing two or three could indicate an alcohol use disorder. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you ever had times when you ended up drinking alcohol more or longer than anticipated?
  • Have you more than once wanted or tried to stop drinking or limit it, but couldn’t?
  • Have you spent quite a bit of time feeling sick from drinking too much?
  • Have you ever craved a drink so badly you couldn’t think of anything else?
  • Have you found that drinking — or being hungover from drinking — has interfered with relationships, work, and other obligations?
  • Have you continued to drink even when it was causing concern with your family or friends?
  • Have you lost interest or given up on activities that were once significant, exciting or fun to you in order to drink?
  • Have you gotten into yourself into positions during or after drinking alcohol that increased your chances of getting hurt (such as swimming, driving, using machinery, walking in an unsafe s area or having unsafe sexual relations)?
  • Have you continued to drink alcohol even though it was making you feel unhappy, worried or adding to a pre-existing health issue?
  • Do you have to drink more than you once did to get the effect you desire? Or are you finding your usual number of drinks has much less of an effect?
  • Have you noticed that when the effects of alcohol were subsiding, you had withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, feeling jittery or restless, sweaty, nauseous or even suffered a seizure?

If you’ve answered yes to a minimum of two questions there is a good chance you may need to research a New Mexico rehab near you for treatment or consultation. The early stages of an alcohol abuse condition are also known as the mild stage. This usually begins with answering yes to only two or three of the questions above and/or binge drinking to excess on occasion. This is considered more than three drinks a day for women, or an excess of seven a week, or more than four drinks per day for men, or drinking more than 14 a week. If you’re still at this stage, it may be the perfect time to begin researching alcohol facilities that can help you combat the problem, while it’s still early and easier to manage.

Moderate Stage of Alcoholism

The next stage is considered moderate, and would generally require an alcohol facility to administer a medically supervised detox. Checking into an Albuquerque treatment center for help is the most effective type of therapy for those who said “yes” to between four and five questions on the list of symptoms above.

Severe Stage of Alcoholism

Finally, if you or someone you love answered yes to having the presence of six or more symptoms, it’s considered a severe stage of alcoholism and may also be referred to as a chronic condition. At this point, serious health issues may arrive or already be commonplace. If not treated immediately the problems can progress for many additional years, inevitably leading to Cirrhosis of the liver – End stage alcohol abuse is the term for this disease and a diagnosis of this magnitude will end in death as the liver shuts down and puts the body at risk for a multitude of serious health disorders.

There are several reputable alcohol facilities and drug rehab centers in New Mexico, and across the country to help anyone dealing with alcohol abuse or drug disorders. For additional information do not hesitate to reach out to ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center today.

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