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Drug Detox

New Mexico Drug DetoxViewPoint Rehabilitation provides clients with ambulatory medical detox, as well as inpatient treatment for drug addiction. Our professional team of staff members assists each client with their individualized treatment plan. We are committed to helping each client build a new life, providing skills to beat their addictions, one day at a time. We focus on the present. We want people to heal from the destruction of their past. All components of ViewPoint Rehabilitation’s program are targeted on learning new life skills, tailoring each program to fit the individual needs of clients. We offer one-on-one counseling, psychiatric care, and group therapy. Our goal is to offer empathy, understanding, support and guidance while creating a foundation for success. We believe in the treatment of mind, body and spirit

The primary focus and agreed upon objective for all clients of ViewPoint Rehabilitation is to help each person work on themselves and move forward with their lives. We help clients to improve self-confidence and dignity. We believe each client has their very own positive unique value as person. This is spelled out at the onset of their program and is further established throughout their stay with us. Each drug treatment program is custom designed to fit the person’s specific needs, based upon their history and style of learning. We want clients to retain the information they learn while residing at our facility, so they may later apply these tools to live better lives. At ViewPoint Rehabilitation, clients process their past and make peace with it. They develop a new set of interpersonal skills, start putting them to use on a daily basis, and begin to feel good about themselves. Clients are provided with the opportunity to build a strong commitment towards living a life free from drug addiction.

ViewPoint Rehabilitation is a treatment center located in Rio Rancho, just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We provide clients a full array of substance abuse treatment programs including alcohol treatment, drug treatment, ambulatory medical drug, and alcohol detoxification, through our intensive outpatient program as well as an inpatient residential treatment program. Included are a strong substance abuse drug and alcohol recovery community, medically supervised detox from drugs and alcohol, professional counselors and a licensed psychiatrist. In addition to our 30, 60, and 90-day drug and alcohol treatment programs we also offer outpatient rehabilitation. During our treatment programs, clients develop a new set of interpersonal abilities in a safe and peaceful setting. We provide a structure with clear parameters and expectations. This gives each person the opportunity to deal with issues and to grow tremendously. By procuring new life skills, interpersonal relationships, ties to the community, and committed rules of personal conduct, each client at ViewPoint Rehabilitation has the opportunity to begin a new with a life free of chaos and substance abuse.


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