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05 Apr China Bans All Types of Fentanyl

Recently the New York Times shared a story about newly implemented laws in China that deal with cutting Fentanyl supplies to the United States. This comes just one year after President Xi Jinping promised President Trump he would employ stricter policies with regard to Fentanyl...

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Acupuncture and addiction treatment

15 Mar Acupuncture and addiction treatment

Acupuncture and addiction treatment Managing withdrawal symptoms during drug and alcohol detox at our New Mexico drug rehab center is an essential early stage of the rehabilitation process. Detox can be an intimidating prospect and a barrier to people even beginning treatment. Depending on the severity...

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Why the 12-step program works

01 Mar Why the 12-step program works

Why the 12-step program works Look online for the merits of the 12-step program for treating addiction and you will encounter fevered debate. Both advocates and detractors argue with a passion born of the seriousness of the topic itself. For many, addiction is a matter of...

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New Mexico's Drug Epidemic

08 Feb New Mexico’s drug epidemic

New Mexico's drug epidemic New Mexico’s reputation as one of the leading states for drug and alcohol abuse remains unchallenged as policy-makers grapple with how to solve what appears an intractable problem with cultural, systemic and even political causes. The statistics are alarming and put New...

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what is the rat park addiction experiment

01 Feb What is the Rat Park Experiment?

The Rat Park Experiment “Drugs don’t cause addiction… Our problems are deeper than drugs, and we’ve used drugs as a smokescreen.”[1] Bruce Alexander Bruce Alexander is a whistle-blower of sorts among the scientific community. The former Professor Emeritus at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University in Canada was...

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Signs of Alcoholism

18 Jan Five Red Flags of a Problem Drinker

Five Red Flags of a Problem Drinker The first difficulty of helping someone who abuses alcohol is their irrational denial that it represents a problem. In fact, this is one of the classic signs of alcoholism. Recognizing unmistakable patterns of behavior can help breach that defense. The...

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